To achieve our mission, we have set our company objective as follows:
* To construct, improve and remain as the specification of the international
   recognized Quality Standard System.
* To improve staff knowledge and ability to operate by training regularly.
* To plan the operation and the quality control inspection to be in line with the
   customer's need.
* To realize and provide the highest impression to the customer by paying attention
   and responding the customer's needs.
* To inspect, improve and develop the product and processing regularly by checking
   and ensuring that all tools and machinery are always prompt to operate.

* At R&D Technology, quality is an attitude, a standard and quite simply the way we
   do business. We pride ourselves in our ability to supply our customers with not only
   the finest manufactured quality products, but also the assurance that the products
   meet all specifications.

* We have a zero defect goal and mindset throughout every level of the company.
   We are staffed to guarantee quality assurance in every aspect of quality control: a
   combination of dedicated, committed and knowledgeable employees along with
   premiere inspection procedures and equipment enables us to provide customers
   with the outstanding quality.

Be our customers' PREFERRED CHOICE
Continuously Develop & Offer HIGHER VALUE-ADDED ACTIVITIES